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wvel@wvel16 Sep

RT @TorontoStar: In a way, she is asking those of us whose mental wiring is more typical — less prone to extraordinary focus and mor… https://t.co/ruM7ghuAXz

wvel@wvel14 Sep

@dutcharc Send me an invitation next time!

wvel@wvel14 Sep

RT @DjenkS1966: @nrc Als echtgenoot, partner en vader snapte ik hem helemaal. En ook de reacties hier maken weer duidelijk dat deze… https://t.co/Yunj27Pbza

wvel@wvel07 Sep

Very nice urban gardening centre in Almere. Former #rose farmer decided to divide his greenhouse into small plots a… https://t.co/KhTGnFDqW4

wvel@wvel01 Sep

Diana Blok “Gender Dialogues” nieuwdakota is a must see! #gender #art #photography #lgbt #lgbtq???? @ Nieuw Dakota https://t.co/JTQxUdyWQB

wvel@wvel30 Aug

LSD by Amy the psychfarmacologist android in Happiness by Dries Verhoeven. #happiness #lsd #ndsm #driesverhoeven @… https://t.co/Fr7Iv9awss

wvel@wvel29 Aug

Dries Verhoeven introducing #Happiness the psychofarmacolgist Android studiodriesverhoeven #ritalin #mdma #whateverhttps://t.co/Q916ubPXyv

wvel@wvel17 Aug

Lining up at the entrance of the Insta-pool. Robin decided that it's not a pool: ”You enter through a tunnel and th… https://t.co/WNX2m7Bk3o

wvel@wvel10 Aug

@VideosTornado Sure. For non profit with credit and no redistribution that fine. I’m honoured to share with you.

wvel@wvel10 Aug

@spectee_news What kind of fee would you offer?