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wvel@wvel30 Nov

Course 6: Maria detoxing with fruit leather and radicchio. #thebeautydinner #beautydinner #neofuturistdinnerhttps://t.co/B7z83BfD4p

wvel@wvel21 Nov

The theme of this year's Amsterdam Light Festival will be #disruption. This is not a preview. Just an accidental wo… https://t.co/vCPkQyN1p7

wvel@wvel06 Nov

Please don't wear Airpods in a Tesla. #error #ecoerror #autisticresearch https://t.co/etfYsdp4Md

wvel@wvel06 Nov

Better 36,000 cyclists with AirPods than a deaf guy in a Tesla https://t.co/etfYsdp4Md

wvel@wvel10 Oct

It’s world mental health day today! (October 10) I think we all need it:) The hand with an O signifies your willing… https://t.co/EgynsAgq62

wvel@wvel06 Oct

No Humus today. I forgot to turn off the fire... What can I still do with these? #kikkerkool #chickchar #whatasmellhttps://t.co/qUaSm2SIvA

wvel@wvel16 Sep

RT @TorontoStar: In a way, she is asking those of us whose mental wiring is more typical — less prone to extraordinary focus and mor… https://t.co/ruM7ghuAXz