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TessyBritton@TessyBritton24 Jan

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Pablo Picasso. https://t.co/UVOhX7s02a

TessyBritton@TessyBritton23 Jan

World’s consumption of materials hits record 100bn tonnes a year - t but recycling is falling, report finds… https://t.co/SV68No4JNk

TessyBritton@TessyBritton23 Jan

No so humble! @libraryofthings were awesome from Day 1! https://t.co/2v4FLbxgDF

TessyBritton@TessyBritton22 Jan

RT @vidhyaalakeson: 5 years ago @peoplesbiz received endowment from @TNLCF & to support #communitybusiness & give local ppl means to… https://t.co/prJtb1fJyf

TessyBritton@TessyBritton21 Jan

RT @TreesforCities: Yesterday, we had a big delivery of 100 trees for an upcoming planting day in Barking. Thanks to the lovely folks a… https://t.co/deMEDbYsE7

TessyBritton@TessyBritton19 Jan

RT @dhofstetter_x: “To design for today’s challenges, designers must design deeply, collaboratively, hopefully, and disruptively.” ⁦… https://t.co/Ja2YPtWni9

TessyBritton@TessyBritton17 Jan

RT @NewCitProj: "@ParticipatoryC provides a compelling narrative and a tangible manifestation of what transition can look like, at… https://t.co/a7ZZSdCrGf

TessyBritton@TessyBritton13 Jan

Love it! You can stay on the team :) https://t.co/7bEm6Bqg7w

TessyBritton@TessyBritton11 Jan

RT @indy_johar: The only way to build inclusive Nations is to build national identities on visions/dreams of the future, inviting u… https://t.co/gUDFm5q2yQ

TessyBritton@TessyBritton08 Jan

RT @karlwilding: Happy new year, everyone. Whatever the next few years bring us, let’s hope that we can move on from what feel like… https://t.co/fzZY5ykxwD