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TessyBritton@TessyBritton11 Sep

RT @Civsocfutures: Our new report looks at some of the great work civil society is doing in relation to: - leadership - race equality… https://t.co/fWN9C7Lwvu

TessyBritton@TessyBritton11 Sep

RT @FastCoDesign: What is the circular economy? Here’s a perfect visual explanation https://t.co/Ah1yGF6NTa

TessyBritton@TessyBritton09 Sep

RT @CollectiveBd: BD_Collective bringing orgs across sectors to join forces - addressing local challenges, develop initiatives, share… https://t.co/kgCaZDHvs0

TessyBritton@TessyBritton08 Sep

*Not the Nobel Prize for Economics* Delighted that Participatory City nominated, but awesome people I will be votin… https://t.co/A0ypm5TWAg

TessyBritton@TessyBritton08 Sep

RT @rolandharwood: "Wow, we could really live like this!" - have a listen to this conversation with @TessyBritton as an antidote (and… https://t.co/yO7pO099aU

TessyBritton@TessyBritton07 Sep

RT @MitchellReardon: Kids are an indicator species of a city's health. But in Canada & the US, there's a sustained push to control or bl… https://t.co/evFj3OKfj0

TessyBritton@TessyBritton07 Sep

RT @CassieRobinson: Some weekend reading for anyone interested in what's on the radar of 5 of us working in Foundations/Philanthropy. I… https://t.co/ON6q7hmPa2

TessyBritton@TessyBritton06 Sep

US > There’s a $218 billion design problem sitting in your fridge right now > We could save up to 30% of food waste… https://t.co/rd1eNtdxQ5