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TessyBritton@TessyBritton22 Aug

It’s always wonderful to have you here Sophia — and your support over so many years couldn’t be more appreciated! https://t.co/vSgD9Tn74O

TessyBritton@TessyBritton21 Aug

@ProfSueWhite @CameronATelford @uniofsheffSW @everyone_org We are looking forward to you starting next week!

TessyBritton@TessyBritton19 Aug

RT @BusinessLP: We have partnered with @barkingriver to research the #enterprise talent of young people in Thames Ward + co-design… https://t.co/pQQy43eA69

TessyBritton@TessyBritton14 Aug

@publicnaylor Sorry not to see you!

TessyBritton@TessyBritton14 Aug

RT @publicnaylor: @GeorgeMonbiot when we met a couple of months ago to talk about @ParticipatoryC we discussed overcoming deficits of… https://t.co/igSoDUkvx4

TessyBritton@TessyBritton13 Aug

RT @theRSAorg: Do you want to work at the RSA & help bring about social change? We’re looking for a Coordinator: Data & Projects.… https://t.co/froi8cTK3g

TessyBritton@TessyBritton12 Aug

RT @theRSAorg: “Loneliness & being alone are often conflated as being the same. However, feeling lonely is not always due to being… https://t.co/lVYhZJAYBj

TessyBritton@TessyBritton10 Aug

Migrant-led walking tours tackle hate in Italian cities by showing the wealth of contributions made by migrants… https://t.co/AGjr2NF1HM

TessyBritton@TessyBritton10 Aug

@Greenlaborg @materiom amazing Materials Demonstration at Make What You Wear https://t.co/1ZuQ3qzkhq

TessyBritton@TessyBritton06 Aug

RT @CassieRobinson: "How do we organise ourselves for change? Philanthropy plays a role in each of these invitations to collectively bu… https://t.co/9lDVpWvHg3