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patrickjoore@patrickjoore15 Feb

@SmiloPlatform What a great opportunity to show the world what Smilo has built in terms of privacy and GDPR complia…

patrickjoore@patrickjoore19 Jan

RT @SmiloPlatform: Smilo is a hybrid blockchain platform that warrants transparency whilst protecting individual's personal data. Smi…

patrickjoore@patrickjoore19 Jan

RT @SmiloPlatform: Hey all, what do you think of the Smilo Platform? They are in the private sale phase and have a working prototype!…

patrickjoore@patrickjoore19 Dec

It was cold in Riga but definitely worth the trip! Great city, great festival, great win.

patrickjoore@patrickjoore01 Sep

“Smilo explained — Comparing blockchain platforms” by @SmiloPlatform

patrickjoore@patrickjoore17 Aug

“Smilo explained - Smilo BFT+ consensus mechanism” by @SmiloPlatform

patrickjoore@patrickjoore09 Aug

RT @SmiloPlatform: We are happy to announce the last phase of our bounty program. The long anticipated specific Smilo content and Smil…

patrickjoore@patrickjoore09 Aug

RT @cryptojeplaa: @olivierjanss @SmiloPlatform is in the making.. have patience!

patrickjoore@patrickjoore31 Jul

RT @SmiloPlatform: Smilo explained - What is Smilo platform? In this article of Smilo explained we are going to explain what the Smilo…